Your Checklist to Survive the Chill

With winter rapidly approaching, everyone is eager to wear their cute, new sweaters and bundle up. However, as the white snow rapidly becomes repulsive black mush, that excitement won’t last long. Winter in Syracuse can feel never-ending. Here are some must-haves to help you endure this winter season. Everybody knows the feeling. You’re in an exam and can feel everyone’s eyes boring into you for your incessant sniffling. Store a travel size pack of tissuesin your purse and backpack. You can ski

5 Tips and Tricks to Power Through Procrastination

With final exams quickly approaching, it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, the best way to deal with stress is to completely ignore what’s causing the stress. But the longer you wait to study or outline that final paper worth 25 percent of your grade, the more you hurt yourself. To help you get things started, we’ve created five tips to get rid of those procrastination habits. Use a dry-erase calendar board to visualize days you have exams, presentations, and papers so deadlines don

Spooky Fun in Syracuse

With Halloween eerily close, it’s time for some Halloween mischief. Here are six Syracuse Halloween festivities that will get you into the spooky spirit. Explore spine-chilling realms with horrifying sights and piercing screams at Frightmare Farms, Cayo Industrial Horror Realm, 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride, or Demon Acres. Haunted houses are the perfect thrill for adrenaline junkies and horror fanatics. Cuddle up with your boo or a stash of snacks and catch the latest horror movies. Catch

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